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Islam’s View on War and Terrorism: A Survey of the Qur’an and Prophetic Traditions

Perhaps no issue in contemporary politics is the source of greater misunderstanding and caricature than Islam’s view on war and terrorism. The indiscriminate bloodshed wrought on September 11th, the London and Madrid bombings, and the nearly daily suicide bombings that … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Islamic Doctrine: A Young Muslim’s Perspective

Preface: What follows is the first segment to a multi-part “Introduction to Islam” series in which I hope to discuss issues of general interest to a non-Muslim audience: Islamic doctrine, sacred law, women’s rights, the laws of war, Islam’s view of … Continue reading

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Rushdie Revisited and False Liberalism

My reluctance to publicly engage ‘controversial’ issues has never been on account of a fear of being judged or challenged, but rather a fear of being misunderstood. I would like to clarify a few points regarding my recent essay, “Salman … Continue reading

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Selfless Love: A Young Muslim’s Perspective

Of Human Bondage is widely recognized as William Somerset Maugham’s greatest novel and, indeed, stands as among my favorite works of twentieth-century fiction. It is said to represent a highly autobiographical work in which WSM transposes his real life affliction … Continue reading

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