Physical Beauty and Its Effect Upon Human Psychology: A New Yorker’s Perspective

Why I Chose to Write About Beauty

Selfless Love: A Young Muslim’s Perspective

Salman Rushdie: A Question of Literary Genius or Family Loyalty?

Rushdie (Revisited), False Liberalism & the Beauty of Liberal Islam

Unnecessary Reliance on ‘Authority’

An Introduction to Islamic Doctrine: A Young Muslim’s Perspective

Islam’s View on War and Terrorism: A Survey of the Qur’an and Prophetic Traditions

Reflections on Pakistan’s World Cup Loss: A Nation Impervious to Defeat

Qur’an Burning, Violence and the Political Instrumentalization of Islam

Reflections on France’s Ban on the ‘Burqa’: An American Muslim’s Perspective

Personal Reflections on Knowledge, Writing and ‘Eloquence’


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