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Reflections on Pakistan’s World Cup Loss: A Nation Impervious to Defeat

To ensure that I could watch today’s India-Pakistan World Cup semifinal without interruption, I opted not to go into the office this morning. I must confess that my knowledge of all things cricket is exactly zero, including not knowing the basics … Continue reading

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One in Four Humans on Earth will be Muslim by 2030

Several days ago I wrote a piece in which I sought to explain why blasphemy is a source of such profound offense to Muslims. I noted that Islam is the single most powerful unifying force in the Muslim world and … Continue reading

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Musharraf Arrest Warrant Issued

AP reported that Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Court issued an arrest warrant today for Pervez Musharraf and his alleged role in the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Musharraf devotees appear unable to come grips with the fact that the former … Continue reading

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Pakistan: The State of the Union

Following an absence of more than ten years, I returned to my ethnic homeland of Pakistan in late 2010. In the several months leading up to my visit and thereafter, I became increasingly interested in Pakistani politics and understanding the … Continue reading

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Chasing Muslims Out of Islam

I was walking down 6th Avenue last week and noticed something not altogether uncommon: a Muslim man walking alongside what appeared to be his wife; the man was clean-shaven and dressed in slim-fitting Western trousers while the woman was wearing … Continue reading

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A Betrayal of Islam’s Intellectual and Moral Legacy

The recent assassination of Salmaan Taseer, the former Governor of Pakistan’s wealthiest and most populated Punjab Province, represents a watershed moment in Pakistan’s young history. It is difficult to recall a period in which such deep fissures have developed between … Continue reading

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