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Reflections on France’s Ban on the ‘Burqa’: An American Muslim’s Perspective

It is rare to find a contemporary Western nation pass legislation that is so lacking in redeeming social and moral value that almost nothing can be said in its defense. In my mind, France’s recent ban on the Muslim burqa represents such … Continue reading

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Islam’s View on War and Terrorism: A Survey of the Qur’an and Prophetic Traditions

Perhaps no issue in contemporary politics is the source of greater misunderstanding and caricature than Islam’s view on war and terrorism. The indiscriminate bloodshed wrought on September 11th, the London and Madrid bombings, and the nearly daily suicide bombings that … Continue reading

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Physical Beauty and Its Effect Upon Human Psychology: A New Yorker’s Perspective

As an undergraduate in college I developed an almost pathological curiosity about physical beauty and the way in which it affected one’s life experience. To satiate my desire to know more about the attribute of which Aristotle wrote, “beauty is the … Continue reading

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A Betrayal of Islam’s Intellectual and Moral Legacy

The recent assassination of Salmaan Taseer, the former Governor of Pakistan’s wealthiest and most populated Punjab Province, represents a watershed moment in Pakistan’s young history. It is difficult to recall a period in which such deep fissures have developed between … Continue reading

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