My purpose in starting this blog was to provide a forum in which I could express my views on matters that I have spent most of my adult life studying: Islam, law, politics, and comparative religion. I am a practicing American Muslim committed to international peace, interfaith dialogue, and political reconciliation between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities of the world.

I would invite feedback and (especially) criticisms from interested readers. In the interest of time and productiveness, I will not be participating in public discussions on my own posts, but I would certainly welcome personal messages from visitors.

Thanks for visiting.


5 Responses to About

  1. Anonymous says:

    I visit your blog often. Your writing is detailed and your citations are strong. Have you read any literature on quantitative comparisons in the Quran and Sunnah and how that may relate to modern, population based, demographic, and social issues, especially in terms of war, oppression, and occupation?

    I think I stumbled upon your blog when you had commented on one my blog posts regarding a possible contextual explanation of slavery not being directly abolished in the Quran as a means to prevent genocide on OQ’s polymath kings blog. I may be wrong. You may not have been the poster, but it was from that blog that I had come across yours.

  2. Maxwell Ryder says:

    Chomsky sold out his long progression as an American intellectual when he deferred to so-called experts that claimed that there couldn’t possibly be a false-flag involved on 9-11, though he wouldn’t have betrayed the history of black ops written in his all of his literature up until then. What’s an intellectual worth when he claims someone’s been running dirty all these years, and then suddenly claim the dirty ends here? All it tells me is that he is part of the dirty game, or at minimum, he’s a toady himself.

  3. cschrader1 says:

    I intend to post your survey of Qur’an and Prophetic traditions on a course forum. Who is the author please?

  4. This is an about page before I wonder ablut cowardice and hidden bias, is their a place where one is told about you the author. Since considering the source is a very sound step when they dive in polemic topics and go after public figures as aggressively as you have in your Pitch on Hitchens. I also think you are smart and have a definite credible point of view but it is unseemly to me that you want to put people on trial for tjeor writing and personl behavior and history. I am a big believer in considering the source too so i hope you believe in offering up your own basic biography as a way to help understand your writing and experiences. I bet you have but I Simply failed to locate it by clicking on the about. But I shall keep looking! 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir please let us know the author name and email address

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